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Myth#1 exposed


Our indoctrinated adversaries using the false narrative they have been indoctrinated to accept absent critical thinking or proper education claim “The war was over slavery” or “The South was fighting to preserve slavery” and then claim that the “North was fighting to end slavery”.

Our Confederate defenders always fall into this false narrative game with the wrong responses, such as The South was fighting over “States Rights”, to which our adversaries respond...”Yeah, the right to own slaves!” or our Defenders will respond with... “Only 1% of Southerners owned slaves, so they would not be fighting to reserve slavery, or some such defense. 

Our adversaries will always point to the causes listed in our declarations of secession of which most list slavery as one of the reasons for their secession, but what the uneducated, indoctrinated fools do not understand is that a declaration of secession has NOTHING at all to do with war, or a declaration of war, in truth I wish our ancestors would have just stated that they can no longer stand the stench of the Yankees Body odor. FYI, My State of Tennessee made no mention of slavery as a cause of secession. 


So, a declaration of secession and a declaration of war are NOT one and the same.


Now lets take a logical look at these silly emotional claims from our adversaries, using just a little critical thinking......

Why on earth would our Southern States go to war to preserve slavery when their legal and lawful secessions made the protection of that “Institution” a foregone conclusion? The Southern States, no longer a part of their former union alliance had no worry of the anti slavery crowd in the U.S. passing legislation that would affect that “institution” once they had legally and lawfully seceded ?


Why would Lincoln and his Northern State conspirators go to war to end slavery in the U.S. When they could easily pass legislation making that “Institution” unlawful and illegal in the remaining States in the union without the seceded Southern States there to oppose such legislation? Such claims that the war was over slavery defy logic as neither side needed a war to obtain such desire to preserve or end slavery within their jurisdictional boundaries. 


The claim of the Tyrant Abraham Lincoln that he was “Fighting to preserve the union” falls flat as well, when one understands that the union would most certainly remain existing albeit smaller, as there is no set number beyond two for a union to exist.


Further, The Yankee holds no moral ground on which to stand, as all the while they claim their ancestors were fighting to end slavery, they were busy exterminating the “RED MAN” committing acts of genocide to which Hitler stated his admiration and inspiration to exterminate the Jews. The Yankees forced death marches on the Navajo, forced many tribes into the extermination camps they called “Reservations” took their children from them, sterilized the women, all one need do is a little research of the eyewitness accounts of the “Sand Creek Massacre, or the Death march of the Navajo…..

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