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The Anti-Federalist Party

The Anti-Federalist Party faces the problems our founding fathers did. For this reason, we have brought the name from antiquity into the modern era. Everything the Anti-Federalist fought against has become the currency of our day, and together we will take back our Empire of Liberty.

  • Our stance is simple. We believe in a limited federal government.

  • A strong state government

  • We believe that America is a constitutional republic and not a democracy

  • We believe that all men are created equal

  • We do not believe in the artificial aristocracy created by career political families and the extremely wealthy.

  • We do not believe in the Federal Reserve or a national bank.

  • We believe the dollar must be put back to the gold standard.

  • We do not believe the National Guard is the militia. We believe each state should adhere to the militia clause in the constitution.

  • We believe that These United States are sovereign and independent nation -states united by the constitution.

  • We believe the federal government does not have the right to tax income or property.

  • We believe the federal government's job is to carry out constitutional enumerated powers and nothing more.

  • We do not believe in entangling ourselves in foreign wars.

  • We believe the Republican and Democrat parties are nothing more than a maniacal oligarchy that lords over the people and gets away with murder. They are no longer servants but rather a pseudo-aristocratic ruling elite.

  • We believe there are only two genders, male and female.

  • We believe that teaching children to hate their only leads to the destruction of their country.

  • We believe the Native American tribes are sovereign and independent nations and should be treated as trusted allies and not second-class citizens.

  • The Anti-Federalist party does not believe in race distinction. We only recognize the human race, for who can tell us the color of a man's soul?

  • We believe that industry and jobs should stay in America and our food should be grown naturally here in America.

  • We believe the prosecutors' job does not end at a certain tax bracket or stop when the criminal is a politician.

  • We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Right

                                                                                                        By Bryce L.S. Provance​

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