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The Southern Independence Association is non-racist and non-violent. We promote individual and states' constitutional rights, protect our Confederate history and heritage, and endeavor to educate our children

Pursuant to the 9th, 10th, and 11th amendments. we assert our states' sovereignty and nullify unconstitutional federal laws.

We honor, protect, and defend our Confederate history and heritage. We work to ensure that our monuments, memorials, cemeteries, and gravesites are left in place and safeguarded from those who would have them destroyed.

We recognize that the education system in the USA has systematically erased and rewritten our true Southern history. We further contend that the federal government has no authority over the education of our children. We maintain that education is under the powers reserved to the states or to the people. For this reason, we lobby for our states to refuse federal funding for education and to reject all federal public education mandates.



The Southern Independence Association is an organization for the betterment of the Southern People. Southerners are inherently a very distinct demographic. They are a people who believe in morals and values... The defenders of the Bible Belt. Southern hospitality is a byword in the American lexicon. Southern people treat others with dignity and respect regardless of race or creed. ​Since the inception of this country there have been two distinct peoples, and this goes back to the English Civil War, when puritanical protestants sailed to New England. These people were the descendants of Cromwell's, roundheads, and the losers of that war, the Cavaliers, who fought for a king that they may not have liked or respected, but they fought for him out of a sense of duty and honor of the oath they swore to him. When they lost that war and King Charles was beheaded by Cromwell's men, the Cavaliers sailed to Virginia, a colony that was governed by staunch royalist. Those Cavaliers then settled throughout the Southland. When our brave ancestors took up the sword against a tyrannical federal government in 1861, they did so in defense of their neighbors, their families, their homes, and their sworn duty to these united independent nation states that are bound together by a contract, called the constitution. That contract becomes null and void when the federal government does not adhere to it.​The Southern Independence Association is an organization for all Southerns, individuals and groups, that understand race does not separate Southern peoples. We are an consortium that does not see a person's race, ​as our souls are all the same color. For far too long the federal government has lied about our history and our heritage. They have tried to divide our Southern states by race and class.​The Southern Independence Association was created to promote the well-being of all people in our Southern States. The SIA is dedicated to bringing together all Southern organizations so that we can move forward in concert against the forces that are trying to tear apart our nation, destroy our Southern values, and make us reliant on federal largess. We are bringing together representatives from all Southern groups and organizations so that we can once again take our rightful place on the American and world stage.​For too long Southern people have sat back and taken defeat after defeat. We have seen lawsuits fail to save monuments that were dedicated to our ancestors. We have watched our brave Southern heroes dug up from their graves and moved willy-nilly by state governments that no longer represent Southern people. ​The Southern Independence Association is forming a strong assembly of delegates from all pro Southern and pro Southern heritage organizations, to form a Southern Congress, much like our founding fathers did in 1774. We invite leaders of all aforementioned affiliations to join us and be delegates. We want to move forward together and begin to see Southern victories... Because flying planes over NASCAR races have gained us nothing. Being inactive in politics, and not running our own candidates for positions in our local and state governments has gotten us nowhere. The Southern Independence Association and its membership hope to lead, hand in hand with other Southern organizations, the Southern people to victory in the struggles to come. B. Provance, Board Member  


If not us, who? If not now, when?

Join The cause for southern independence today... 

We encourage all Southern men and women to join SIA and take back our state's sovereignty. We have many positions in our civilian branches to be filled. Together we can win local and state elections and show the federal government we are still a united, Southern people. We will no longer be tread upon by the people who have made us out to be ignorant fools in books, movies, news, and government.


The Anti-Federalist Party

The Anti-Federalist Party faces the problems our founding fathers did. For this reason, we have brought the name from antiquity into the modern era. Everything the Anti-Federalist fought against has become the currency of our day, and together we will take back our Empire of Liberty.

  • Our stance is simple. We believe in a limited federal government.

  • A strong state government

  • We believe that America is a constitutional republic and not a democracy

  • We believe that all men are created equal

  • We do not believe in the artificial aristocracy created by career political families and the extremely wealthy.

  • We do not believe in the Federal Reserve or a national bank.

  • We believe the dollar must be put back to the gold standard.

  • We do not believe the National Guard is the militia. We believe each state should adhere to the militia clause in the constitution.

  • We believe that These United States are sovereign and independent nation -states united by the constitution.

  • We believe the federal government does not have the right to tax income or property.

  • We believe the federal government's job is to carry out constitutional enumerated powers and nothing more.

  • We do not believe in entangling ourselves in foreign wars.

  • We believe the Republican and Democrat parties are nothing more than a maniacal oligarchy that lords over the people and gets away with murder. They are no longer servants but rather a pseudo-aristocratic ruling elite.

  • We believe there are only two genders, male and female.

  • We believe that teaching children to hate their only leads to the destruction of their country.

  • We believe the Native American tribes are sovereign and independent nations and should be treated as trusted allies and not second-class citizens.

  • The Anti-Federalist party does not believe in race distinction. We only recognize the human race, for who can tell us the color of a man's soul?

  • We believe that industry and jobs should stay in America and our food should be grown naturally here in America.

  • We believe the prosecutors' job does not end at a certain tax bracket or stop when the criminal is a politician.

  • We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Right

                                                                                                        By B. Provance​

Southern Assemby and
Raid on Lawrence next
summer! Make plans to
be part of this momentous event.Stay tuned for
details coming soon. 

Between 1 million and 3 million horses and mules were killed in the War Between the States, on both sides. They were unsung heroes! Traveller's memorials are all memorials to all of those animals. Don't let the PC police erase their memories. Stand with us at Washington and Lee University on July 31st. 





Upon approval, you will be a full member in SIA. Your membership card will be mailed to

you, and you will be connected to your state SIA Civilian team. Thank you!


PO Box 1781
Goodlettsville, TN 37072


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